Seapulse use a global portfolio approach to explore and drill offshore hydrocarbons on an large scale


Country selection of the targets has been based on extensive seismic data review, basin master approach, fiscal regimes and political stability


Seapulse is adopting a low-cost, high-impact portfolio approach to exploration in order to maximise value creation and diversify risk

Industrialised Integrated Exploration

Seapulse is a global exploration investment company, seeking to shift the paradigm in hydrocarbon exploration as a private explorer with major intensity.

The oil and gas industry has never been more competitive; access to capital, exploration opportunities and the data that identify them is increasingly constrained. Seapulse is explicitly aware of these challenges facing exploration and has built its strategy around addressing those challenges; quality people with extensive industry networks, unique access to the most extensive global library of broadband seismic data, and a creative approach to funding access to, and the drilling of assets.

Seapulse has the strategic advantage of being able to drill a bigger portfolio; sharing technological capabilities and applications to both pool assets and selectively target more.

Now working with leading industry partners, such as Maersk Drilling, Seapulse is focused on executing on portfolio drilling programmes, targeting high upside returns for its investors.